Vodafone Academy Programme

“Vodafone Academy” programme aims to qualify and employ 140 job seekers in Oman and empower them with practical skills and knowledge related to customer service as Care Agents and sales sector as Retail Support, during the years 2021 and 2022. The programme provides an excellent knowledge experience by transferring the expertise of the Vodafone global to Omani youth. The first batch is planned to start in August 2021.

As a Care Agent, the employee plays a key role in providing our customers with a seamless experience like no other in the market. Agents will be responsible for managing all incoming inquires and requests through the different channels and providing customers with information on our products and services.

As a Retail Support, the employee will be interacting directly with our customers in our retail environment servicing their needs, introducing the latest products and providing an unmatched customer experience.

Programme Steps:

Review all CVs and make an initial screening. Applicants who best match our requirement move to the next steps of evaluation, assessment and interviews.
Successful candidates get onboarded as part of the six-month Vodafone Academy programme, which starts in August 2021 with a monthly allowance. During the programme, trainees will deliver on agreed KPIs and will be assessed on the usage of digital applications, customer experience and cultural fit.
We offer employment opportunity to those who excel during the training programme in customer service and retail. All programme attendees will be awarded an accredited certificate for completing the programme.