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Yes, we do offer installment plans for iPhones. This is one of the features of Vodafone BLACK Postpaid plans.

You can visit a Vodafone store to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and to   acquire the device you want.

Since we are an authorized Apple reseller, Vodafone offers competitive prices. You can check the current offers at one of our stores.

The installment plan duration is 24 months.

Yes, the contract length is 24 monthsز

Each account can only have one installment plan.

We are working to provide all versions of the iPhone as they become available from the factory.

Other devices from Apple will be available soon.

Please visit your nearest Vodafone store to confirm that you meet the conditions for obtaining a device on a monthly installment plan.

Vodafone Stores (Oman Mall, Nizwa, Sur, Sohar, and soon Salalah and Ibri)

Home delivery service for devices is currently not available.

The warranty is the warranty approved by Apple.

Yes, you are required to pay a down payment.

Some special accessories are available, please visit the nearest Vodafone store to find out more.

We do not have a reservation option. You can visit the nearest store and get the device directly if you meet the conditions.

Yes, in all Vodafone stores.

No, as the account holder should sign the contract.