Roaming destinations that have only data or voice while roaming as per the table below:

Countries with DATA only Countries with VOICE only
USA Armenia






It is a unique feature that enables you to use the in-bundled data, minutes and SMS within your plan while roaming.


We are working with our partners internationally to ensure we have as much countries as part of our roaming services. All missing destinations will be added to our list as soon as we establish a roaming partnership agreement with them.

Roaming add-ons will be activated automatically upon the first usage at your roaming destination.

Simply subscribe to a roaming add-on for uninterrupted connectivity and stay connected while traveling.

Yes, you can use the remaining of your bundle allowances. However, your data consumption will be Pay-As-You-Go rates. We recommend that you subscribe to our roaming add-ons to enjoy uninterrupted services abroad.

Your roaming Add-on will take priority and will be activated.

The add-on with the shortest validity will take priority and be activated.

No, your add-on will be with you in the app and will not be activated until you arrive at your destination and start roaming.

Take Your Home Tariff Abroad includes making calls within the destination you are visiting, calling back to Oman and receiving calls from around the world, it however does not include international calls. Therefore, International calls are charged Pay-As-You-Go roaming rates as per your destination.

Yes, you can use it in any of our destinations if your plan is valid and have data, minutes and SMS allowances in it.

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